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Our first venture for manufacturing coir fibre-based products was started in 1985 by our founder N.Subramania Gounder in the name of Sakthi fibre products, Pollachi south India The unit for producing different products from basic raw material coir fibre Our founder has three sons named C.M.Kamaraj.C.H.Hariraj and C.M.Gopalakrishnan and all were finished their education forms the state of Kerala. Gradually all three sons came to Pollachi and started their own units to produce different coir products.

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Our History

Started in the year 2000 our first unit for manufacturing coconut coir processing machines. Our coir processing machines were supplied to various clients in and around Tamilnadu and Kerala state. having experience in the coir processing machines we expanded our production for coir fibre and supplied quality coir to various local end users. As a value-added product, we ventured into curled coir-making unit and supplied various manufactures of rubberized coir mattresses in India. In 2010 we registered our unit as an exporter of coir fibre products with the Coir board of India.2011 onwards we started our exports of coir fibre, cocopeat and coco husk chips to various countries, especially to China.

Our Products

Brown Coir Fibre

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Green Husk Coir Fibre

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Coco Peat / Coir Pith Blocks

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Coco Husk Chips Blocks

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Coir Rope and Yarns

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Decicated Coconut Powder

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Tender Coconuts

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Coconut Shell Products

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Coco Moulded Pots and Coco Liners

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Coco Logs

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Why does plant love our Coco Peat?

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Promotes strong root growth

100% Organic

Provides Good drainage & aeration

High water holding capacity

Great absorption of nutrients

Uniform in Composition, odorless

Free from Pests & Pathogens

Easy to handle & maintain

Do you need to make a garden in your house ? Please fell free to ask any question.

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